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Walpole and Howson winners 2013 - Wedding Industry Experts Walpole and Howson winners 2013 - Wedding Industry Experts

Proudly presenting our awards to you and a finalist in the Wedding Industry Experts in Videography – 2013, 2014 and 2017. Voted by our couples, colleagues and associates. We truly thank you.

A peek at our portfolio

Your wedding day is unique and we are passionate about it. We are privileged to be right at the heart of your day, from start to finish, whilst being very discreet and unobtrusive.

With 3 cameras rolling at your key stages, we professionally capture your whole day. You only see your wedding from one angle, and that is right in front of you. When you finally watch your wedding day film, not only will all those emotions come flooding back, you will see your wedding day like you never imagined you could.

It is a truly wonderful viewing experience.

Stuart & Michelle

This beautiful wedding took place at Timbers Country Lodge.

Michelle & Stuart were amazing to work with, and the setting was amazing. Being a quiet and quite private couple, we were honoured to film such an important and personal day and had real fun with them.

James & Keely

Kimberley Hall was the venue for this amazingly detailed wedding.

From wedding pictures from their guests own weddings, amazing room decor and a double best man speech, this had the wow factor! Keely & James were really keen on a dreamy, romantic film, and that was made so easy by them being dreamy & romantic with each other all day. A real pleasure.


Dan & Sarah

Lynford Hall hosted this pretty wedding.

A real fun couple with lots of love and laughter shown by them and their guests. A real sweet moment when Dan arrived at the venue, with the bride Sarah so excited as she sneakily watched him and his groomsmen go into Lynford Hall.

The weather was perfect, the entertainment very fitting, and a whole room first dance to boot.

Jason & Rob

Arrived at Voewood in the morning and were greeted by hustle and bustle of last minute preparations and an excited couple. The ceremony was conducted outside in the gorgeous sunshine, followed by drinks and canopies on the lawns. The speeches were also carried out on the beautiful veranda, followed by a delicious wedding breakfast, which included a unusual wedding cake made of cheese.

Mr and Mrs Orchard

We were greeted by a very excited groom and his entourage at the church doors on this beautiful day. He didn’t stop smiling all day, and when we saw his bride for the first time, we were grinning with him. A very personal ceremony was followed by a fantastic reception at Hunters Hall. Humorous speeches, and walk in the sunset, and a cracking evening party made this a wedding we will always remember with great fondness.

Mr and Mrs Hubbard

The absolutely perfect wedding of Mr & Mrs Hubbard filmed in July 2015. The Boat House is one of our favourite locations to shoot, and Marie & Dave made it so easy to film their wedding. Everything was organised down to the last detail and they were so much fun. You know its going to be good when the couple say YES to every suggestion. Both my film team and the bride and groom had so much fun.

Mr and Mrs Deardon

Shot at the beautiful Brasteds Restaurant in October 2014, Natasha and Russ were a super cute couple to work with.

They were so much in love with each other, and it so shows throughout their film. They were completely natural and jumped at the chance of doing something a little quirky, so going into the meadow to kick leaves around was top of the list. They each gave a speech which was so emotional and romantic at times, as they were literally finishing each other’s sentences, so as mentioned earlier, super cute!

Mr and Mrs Kelly

Kelly & Sean conducted their whole wedding at The Oaklands, Norwich, and it was fun and hilarity from the off.

We captured Dads first look at Kelly in her dress for the first time, and he was shocked into silence and a few tears. Kelly’s dress was a dream to work with, so flagging down a passing Hells Angel on his Harley and asking if he would join in the romantic shots was something that couldn’t be passed up! What we a call a Princess a Gown really made the dream come alive. Whatever we asked Kelly to do, she loved and did without doubt, she draped over the Harley, she ran, she jumped, she trusted and understood where we were coming from and what we wanted to create.

Mr and Mrs Beaumont

Charlene and Matthew held their wedding at the stunning Lyndford Hall in Norfolk.

They had guests fly in from all over the world to attend the wedding, which really added to the emotions of the day. Their little boy stole the show, and was a little gem to work with. Charlene had planned everything in perfect detail and her stunning colour scheme really set the scene. Once Charlene had donned her wellies, we popped outside to shoot the photo call and romantic shots. Even with no sun, the backdrop of Lyndford Hall was amazing and really made those special moments unique.

We would be happy to discuss the plans for your wedding and how our team at Walpole and Howson can capture those moments for you both, that you can share again and again.

Complete our initial contact form and we promise to get back to you.

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